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What do you use pure cedar oil for?

  • Refresh the aroma of your favorite old cedar chest

  • Refresh the aroma of a cedar chest you just purchased on EBay

  • Refresh the aroma of your cedar lined closet, chest of drawers or dresser

  • Put a few drops on a cotton ball and store with clothing for pleasant smelling moth control

  • Use it for natural pest control on your garden

  • Use it for natural pest control on your pets bedding (not recommended for direct application on your pet or for cats!)

  • Apply to clothing when hunting or watching deer and wildlife close up without shying them (washes off with soap & water)

  • Rub it on the dash of your car as an air freshener

  • Put a few drops in the bag of your vacuum cleaner before use as natural air freshener

  • Use in soap and perfume making as well as other hobbies

  • EMERALD TREATMENT: Emeralds are commonly oiled to hide flaws.  Jewelers use oils "like cedar wood oil?.  There is a very interesting site about emeralds (go to esmerald . com on the web). Jewelers charge outrageously for these oil treatments.  One of our customers said his jeweler was charging him $45 per treatment!  We recommend placing a drop or two on your emerald overnight to "soak in".  Wipe clean in the morning with a soft cloth.  Never clean your emerald with any type of cleaner that will remove oils.

NOT for internal use!! If you use it on furniture, it makes a nice polish but be aware
that some older type varnishes may be wiped off by the oil. Please test in a hidden area first.



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